Break-fix Services

Ideal for start-ups or small businesses looking for a lower cost of maintenance.

Our break-fix services are a flexible option to our clients as we understand not all companies can afford a monthly rate for managed services. Although break-fixes are immediate and temporary, we treat all our valued clients the same by diagnosing the problem thoroughly and making smart solutions that best meet your needs.

Break-fix vs Managed Services

Break-fix services and managed IT play vital roles in the world of IT business support. They both address key IT concerns such as system repairs, installations, upgrades and more. The fundamental difference is in how they approach and handle these issues.

Break-fix is the
Ad-hoc Approach

For break-fix services, we will only interact with your business when an IT problem strikes. Our professional technician will travel to your location to analyse and identify your system’s issues and provide on-premise solutions. Once resolved, we charge by the hour along with any other additional charges for speciality tools or parts. No contracts or subscriptions attached. The next time we see you is when you call us again!

Managed Services is a Long-term Relationship

With managed services, we will actively monitor your IT network 24/7 and proactively spot and resolve issues. It is the preventative care for your IT system that prevents data loss, downtime or decreased productivity.  With 24/7 support and help desk services, your managed services will require an upfront setup fee plus a set monthly rate.

Whether you choose break-fix or managed services, that’s entirely up to you! If you are still uncertain, have a chat with one of our professionals to see which model best suits your business.

Advantages of Break-fix Services

Fee-for-service Model

The case-by-case format means you only pay for the services you need at the time. There will be no surprise charges or ongoing fees tacked onto your bill. No commitment and no fuss.


You have complete control of your IT network. If time and expertise allow, you have the power to resolve issues on your own without the need to acquire unnecessary expenses associated with a third-party managed service provider.


Your data and network security will not be vulnerable to any third-party breaches or threats when you opt for break-fix services, as the only party with access to your data will only be you.


By adopting a break-fix servicing mindset, you can keep the vast majority of IT operations in-house. Thus, you have the power to determine when, where, why and how often you allow outside parties into your internal systems.

Keeping You Up and Running

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