Data Centre System Infrastructure

Digitalise your business processes with secure servers and hybrid cloud solutions.

We help businesses design, build, and operate the right data centre infrastructure to enable agile operations, optimised processes and economic efficiency. Besides industry-standard servers, we deliver best-in-class solutions spanning storage, mainframe, management, server racks and power sources.

Data Centre System Infrastructure Solutions from Ancile Solutions

We make it possible for organisations and industries of all sizes to harness high-performance computing and deploy IT resources quickly. Partnering with internationally recognised brands, we deliver scalable, reliable and sustainable data centre services and solutions.

How our Data Centre System Infrastructure
solutions help you

Real-time monitoring

We ensure optimal power distribution and protection as well as precise temperature and humidity control. Our intelligent monitoring system safeguards your data centre operations with early failure warnings and fail-safe measures.

Cost saving

Gain efficiency and more control over your IT resources. Keeping sustainability in mind, we optimise space utilisation and operating costs by using efficient, energy-saving power components and easily assembled assets.

Scalable to your growth

We deliver certainty, with cutting-edge data centre infrastructures that can fulfil various scalability demands. We work closely with you to find the right data centre technologies and resources to match your needs.

Uninterrupted business continuity

With our data centre solutions, you can be assured of reliable and uninterrupted operations 365 days a year. Let our experts handle the deployment of your assets as well as integration with existing infrastructures. So, you never have to worry.

Preparing Your Business
for the Digital World

Discover what you can achieve with our integrated data centre infrastructure solutions.